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Build ChatBots with no technical knowledge

Easily send text, images, videos, galleries and more, plus connect to your existing content to create advanced queries.


Profile actions to create custom audiences

Broadcast specific conversations and messages to custom audiences based on their activity and behaviour.


Test, review and rebuild with in-depth analytics

See what topics are engaging with your audience right now with Seen’s live data analytics suite.



Why A Chat Bot?

With ChatBots, we are bridging the gap between community management and ‘dark social’, actively bringing together huge social communities in a familiar environment, creating ‘moments in time’ with your supporters, and instilling a more personable relationship.

Real time sentiment analysis for real time conversations



From Queries.

We stitch AI, sentiment analysis and ChatBot technologies together to analyse the sentiment of each response.


To Analysis.

We question and query the users response entered into the bot. Running keywords against our sentiment analyse ai.


To Final Response.

 To deliver a fluid conversation that matches the mood of your users. Creating an authentic chat experience, every time.


Need a bot? Then get in touch.

With an ever growing suite of custom blocks and an easy to manage admin system. Now is the perfect time to get ahead of the competition. 



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